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How to Make a Choice

Don’t know how to make a decision, when buying some goods or ordering the service of the company? Our online magazine will help you to decide what is better for you, and it applies not only to material things. The site contains a lot of useful tips for solving the life situations. Maybe there is no case which would not mention on the pages of this Internet-journal.

How we Make Choices

How to make a choice

How many questions do we ask ourselves during the one day? Is it better to run with in-earphones or overhead? Am I happy or is it time to change something? A lot of questions for only one day, is not it? What about the several days, the month? There exists special scientific research dedicated to the selection mechanism in people`s brain.

Researchers argue that people don`t think a lot when do choose between two variants, especially when one of them is guaranteed better. For example: what is better to buy during the walking in a cold weather: warm coffee to go or a bottle of cold mineral water? In such cases, our brain works fast and furious.

We can see another situation when there are more than two variants of choosing. Scientists affirm that some people can`t do any choices when seeing that there are more than two variants and it is not obvious which one is better.

How to Do the Choice?

How to do the choice Infographic

Many people already know about a very useful technique of choosing decision which named by: “7 questions”. The most important condition of it — to give really true answers, even if they are not pleasing to you. So, let’s look at the questions:

  1. Do I fear something, what would I choose if there no this feeling?
    Often enough people are afraid to do something. Just write down on the paper all your fears that prevent you from making a right choice. After that show paper to someone who is authority for you. Discuss with that person every apprehension, which you wrote. Sometimes the choice that causes us many fears is the best.
  2. Do I have problems with money, what would I choose if the financial aspect would don't matter?
    How much magnificent ideas were failed because of lack of money? A lot of. But, how much really cool plans remained even without discussion because people concentrated on money but not on own interests? A lot more. Do whatever you want and don’t think about the money if you want to achieve success. Be sure finance will be found later!
  3. What can happen the best/the worst if I will do so?
    Do with this question the same as with the first one. Just draw the picture where will be all possible effects of your decision in two columns: good and bad. In the main number of cases after finishing of the drawing, the answer becomes obvious.
  4. Did I get something from the previous experience?
    Every life experience (positive or negative) gives to us valuable lessons. Defeats can be, but only because of our ignorance towards results of the certain situations that already happened. But! Don`t think only about falls! Try to remember your takeoffs, and you will believe in yourself.
  5. Will be the results of my decision the same as I expected?
    Make sure that you do something because you want it, but not because someone or something makes you do so.
  6. What does tell the signs?
    Try to remember previous situations when you did something but was not sure about that. Maybe at that time, you had apprehensions, negative thoughts or even felt physical discomfort? Compare passed situation with present one and listen to yourself.
  7. What will I feel and think after making a decision and realizing my plans?
    let’s think about the future. Imagine, that you already made the decision. What do you feel and think? You have to feel pride, energy, and joy. If there are no such sensations, but only shame or doubt — discard the idea. Do such analyzing not only according to one passed day but a week, month and even years.

Remember those questions, but better write it down. Every time, when you will have some doubts about the making right choice in the particular situation just carefully read the questions. Do not neglect the opinions of people who are important to you. Sometimes we need a just independent view from the side.

In our online magazine, a lot of ready-made solutions are collected that will help you easily and quickly determine the choice. Join us, and your problems will be solved in short time! Our ready solutions will help you to make a right choice in every situation!