How to Choose a Bike Helmet

Right after you bought yourself a bike you must take a thought about your safety. We will give you a detailed explanation about how to choose a bicycle helmet, what to put your attention on while choosing it, how the helmet should fit your head and what kinds of cycle helmets there are.

Bike helmet selection
Why do you need a bicycle helmet

Why Do I Need A Bike Helmet?

Bike helmet — one of the most important parts of the cycle outfit which is responsible for safety of the cyclist’s head. Since your head is the most important part to save if you fall off the bike.

According to the research of the Road Safety University, the majority of the deaths are caused by the head injuries. This just proves the importance of the helmet once more. Statistics says that the bicycle helmet reduce the severity of injury by 50% and by 33% reduced the possibility of getting the face and neck injury.

how to choose best bike helmet

What does the cycle helmet made of?

The right bike helmet is made of 2 parts:

  1. Expanded polystyrene foam (EPS) — needed for a repayment of blows when falling.
  2. Durable outer shell — protects polystyrene (EPS) and basically is the frame and protection against bumps and scratches.
how is a bicycle helmet made

These 2 parts of the helmet working together, making a good cooperation, bring very strong protection. More tech helmets use the MIPS protection system (Multi-Directional Protection System). MIPS system is based on 2 independent parts: the outer shell and inner shock absorbing and the inter layer between them which helps to significantly reduce the injury when it is about the side head hit.

What is the correct bicycle helmet fit on your head?

fit bicycle helmet
  1. Wear your cycle helmet the way it is not more than 1 inch above your head. Fasten the strap so when you press on the front of the helmet, it does not come off.
  2. The side fixation should be very secure too. Try to press on the left and right sides of the helmet and if it comes off this means that you did not fasten the strap tight or this is not your size of the helmet.
  3. Check how good your helmet fits your head again. Pull the backside to the front and if it comes off again tighten your strap and try to pull the backside again.
  4. In order to check the secure fixation of the chin strap open your mouth you should feel the pressure in the crown. But it is very important that the belt does not squeeze your chin very much at the same moment. You need to find a balance of the safe fixation.

How to choose the size of the bike helmet?

In order to be sure what is the proper size of your helmet you need to measure your head as it is shown in the picture.

how to choose the size of a bicycle helmet
  • S (52-58 cm)
  • M (56-62 cm)
  • L (60-66 cm)

It is necessary to mention and remember that every production has its own sizes. This mean that even if you know your size for sure it is always important and necessary to know your measures exactly, otherwise you are risking to buy the wrong size helmet.

It is always better to carefully choose yourself a cycle helmet so it fits the best and take the brunt of protecting the cyclist’s head.

It’s also important to know how to choose the right bike size.

Choosing the correct bicycle helmet

Choosing helmet for cycling most of the people do not think and do not know what this helmet should be, how it should fit you head and what exactly to choose. For example, when you are buying your bike and helmet you need to think about where you will ride it? You need a sports helmet to ride a highway on a highway bike. If you just ride around the city, the helmet will be different, and if you ride on the road the helmet will also be different.

So make sure you know what is the category of your future helmet!

What kinds of cycle helmets there are?

  • Road bike helmet
  • Mountain bike helmet
  • Commuter Helmets / BMX
  • Track or Racing bicycle helmet

Road bike helmet

How to choose road bike helmet
How to choose the best road bike helmet

Road helmets are light and compact, they have an aerodynamic design and good ventilation. Usually, the lighter the helmet the higher the price for it. This is caused by an innovative technology which provides the lightness, proper fit and best head protection.

Mountain bike helmet

How to choose mountain bike helmet
How to choose the best mountain bike helmet
how to choose a good mountain bike helmet

Helmets for the mountain ride have larger girth of head, more protective design, visor and have less ventilation holes compared to the ride bike helmets.

Commuter Helmets (BMX)

How to choose commuter helmets

Commuter Helmets are made for using them while riding the road or BMX bikes. Helmets are looking like the full hard head with the minimal ventilation holes. They can be different colors: the light calm colors or bright and noticeable for being noticed on city roads or making BMX tricks with them.

Track or Racing bicycle helmet

How to choose track bicycle helmet

First of all, triathlon helmet has well known aerodynamic design, which helps to improve airflow and reduce drag, which means the speed of the triathlete at the bike distance would rise. The helmet shape is round on the front and pointed from behind. Such helmets are needed if you are about to take a part in the triathlon or the Ironman.

Video on how to choose a bicycle helmet

FAQ about for to choose a cycle helmet

What is the best bike helmet?

The best bike helmet is the one which fits your head the best, another question is the price and the manufacturer. Every producer has basic, average and high tech models. We suggest not to save on security and choose average or high tech helmets.

How to choose the color of a bicycle helmet?

If you are choosing the road helmet it is better to give your preference to bright and colorful models. This will help you to be noticeable on roads. If you are choosing mountain or city ride helmets you can choose the black color or whatever color fits your bike.

What are the bike helmets prices?

The price range starts with $30 for basic models and lead to $200 for high tech cycle helmets. The last kind has harder construction and the MIPS technology. The most expensive helmets could be made of carbon fiber and you can barely feel them on your head, but the level of protection is the highest.
If you have just bought your bike it is better to start with the average price helmets.

What is MIPS on a helmet?

MIPS — Multi-Directional Protection System. It is an inner technology of “sliding” which helps to reduce the rotation force that occurs with side hits of the cyclist’s head

How often should you replace your bicycle helmet?

You need to change the bicycle helmet if it is harmed in the accident or it serves you for 5 years or more. Producers says that after 5 years of using the glue and connecting systems may not protect you as good as when it is a new product.

The average helmet life is 3-5 years. The cause is foamed polymers, the material which helmet is made of, is destroying under the ultraviolet rays impact. If you are riding the whole year around you need to change the helmet every 2-3 years, so the polymers are bad at the temperature change and can lose their protective feature.

Can I use a helmet after a crash?

Bike helmets producers says that after the crash or accident you need to change your helmet even if it has no harms on the first sight. This is explained by the foam part can not carry out its functions and absorb blows properly.
You must always remember that the bicycle helmet first of all is the head safety as well as the car safety bag it works only once — the main task is done, it protected your head on the highest level. If you have had your helmet hit strong it needs to be changed.

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How to Choose a Bike Helmet