How to Choose the Color of a Bicycle Helmet

When choosing a Bicycle helmet, first of all you need to choose the right size and type of Bicycle helmet. Read more about this in our article how to choose a Bicycle helmet. Let’s say you have chosen a helmet, picked up the size and now you want to know what color is better to choose a bicycle helmet.

Best Bicycle Helmet Color

When choosing the color of a Bicycle helmet, you need to take into account where you will ride and which bike, since there are different types of bicycles. Based on this, you need to choose not only the color that will fit your bike or shape, but also will perform the function of visual visibility. Below we will discuss which colors are suitable for each type of bike.

best color for bike helmet
does bike helmet color matter

Road Bike Helmet Color

The color of helmet for the road bike should be bright colors, since this helmet still has a passive defense of its bright color which will catch the driver of the car. The Best bicycle helmet colors for road bike:

  • red
  • yellow
  • green
  • white
  • blue
  • orange
bike helmet color visibility
best road bike helmet color

All the colors of road bike helmets are bright and will be visually noticeable on the road.

Gravel bike Helmet Color

safest bike helmet color
best bike helmet color for visibility

Riding cross-country or gravel bikes implies both road surface and partial lack of it or a bad road. If we talk about the color solution you need to choose between conservatism dark conservative colors shelomov or bright, noticeable colors that will provide passive safety due to visual visibility for car drivers

Mountain Bike Helmet Color

mountain bike helmet color
what color mountain bike helmet

Mountain bike helmets feature reinforced back and sides. The color of this helmet can be different, it can be matched to the color of the shape or the color of the Bicycle frame. Often such helmets are painted with bright colors or have a calm monochrome color. Choosing the color of the helmet for riding on a mountain bike ride, you can rely on your personal preferences.

Color helmet for BMX Bike

best color for bike helmet

BMX helmets are similar to bowlers and are usually dark in color: black, gray, or dark blue. If you want to stand out from other riders, you can choose bright colors for the bike helmet.

So, you have found out and probably already made a decision for yourself what color bicycle helmet is best to choose so that it fits both the type of your bike and the terrain for riding.

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How to Choose the Color of a Bicycle Helmet