How to Choose Bluetooth Headphones?

Wireless headphones transmit and receive information by different invisible canals: radio, Bluetooth, or Infrared frequencies. Universal Bluetooth headphones are the most suitable variant for those people, who are going to use a headset with a personal computer, an audio player, a tablet or a smartphone. Let`s descry main characteristics of the device, after that, you will understand how to choose Bluetooth headphones, and not be sorry for your choice.

how to choose bluetooth headphones

Advantages and Disadvantages of Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

It should be said — the majority of expensive headphones unconditionally deserve your attention. Troubles with sound quality, substandard battery or something like that oftener observed in cheaper models.

Good features. The first remarkable characteristic of device — freedom of movement. Cheap models translate the signal at a distance of 10 meters from the transmitter (in average). But the good one of rating brands will allow you to move away from the transmitter up to 40 meters!

Bad nuances. The first shortcoming of Bluetooth headphones — heavyweight (because of built-in battery). The next snag — a high price of a device. Mainly cheap models (but in some cases, it happens to expansive devices too) are characterized by some degree of sound distortion. It is especially noticeable if to compare device operation with a quality of wire headphones.

Brands and Prices: the Best Variants for an Acceptable Price!

The modern market represents a wide range of wireless headphones of different brands, models, and prices. Advanced users advise relatively inexpensive and qualitative variants of headset:

  • Slick Distributions SD50;
  • Sennheiser MM 400-X;
  • Philips Fidelio M1BT.

wireless bluetooth headphones

Information Which Everyone Should Know: Selection Criteria for Wireless Headphones

Buying Bluetooth headphones be guided by such criteria:

  1. Ergonomics. The parameters of the device elements should be adjustable. Otherwise, ear cups will miss extraneous irritable sounds;
  2. Battery type. It is better when the accumulator is removable. You can change disreputable batteries at any time. The most convenient charging method — using a USB connection;
  3. Work duration without recharging. This paragraph is the easiest for understanding. The bigger time limit device has — the better. High-quality models function smoothly during the 10–12 hours without recharging.
  4. Mode of autonomous settings control. There is no such system in some models. But the function is very useful, so pick up the headphones with such mode;
  5. The measure of allowable distance between the transmitter and device.

Pay attention! Do you want to use wireless headphones for mobile calls? Make sure that selected model has the option of receiving an incoming call. It is better when the device has volume control and audio playback buttons.

If you are an avid music lover pick Bluetooth headphones by the following criteria:

  • frequency range — sixteen Hz to twenty-one kHz;
  • sensitivity level — not less than one hundred dB;
  • resistance — from sixteen Ohm for the mp3 player and not less than one hundred twenty for a computer.

type bluetooth headphones

Abundance and Main Characteristics of Constructions

Wireless Bluetooth headsets represented by several types of constructions:

  1. Earplugs (vacuum headphones). The best choice for sports and listening music;
  2. In-ear headphones. Mediocre noise isolation and minimal sound quality. Bad variant for music lovers, but acceptable and cheap for using as a mono headset;
  3. Full-size and overhead – large headphones, which have a more serious sound, but at the same time a suboptimal compactness.

Each model has own type of clamping. Some devices can be directly clinging to the cartilage in the ear. Other headphones have the occipital arch or a headband.

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How to Choose Bluetooth Headphones?