How to Choose Bluetooth Headset? Variety of Devices for People with Different Preferences

How to choose Bluetooth headset? First of all, get acquainted with its types of constructions: mono (with only one load speaker) and stereo (two earpieces). After that, read the recommendations of specialists.

Mono headset used only to voice connection because it is not very suitable to listen to music with only one ear. At the same time, minimalistic construction lets to speak on the phone and to hear exterior sounds at the same time. That is why the described device is the best choice for drivers, runners and other people who need to have talked in a lively atmosphere.

how to choose a bluetooth headset
How to Choose the right Bluetooth Headset

Do you plan to listen to music with a new Bluetooth headset? Then you should buy the second type of device. Stereo headphones provide better sound and can be connected not only a smartphone but at the computer too. There are models with built-in radio — additional bonus for music lovers. At the same time, you should notice — the radio consumes the extra energy of a device.

Stereo headset has much more model variations than mono. So, let’s consider this type of device in details.

bluetooth headset

Construction Types of Stereo Headset: Which Variant is the Best?

The right Bluetooth headset should perfectly fit the shape of your head. That is why manufacturers have created three types of wireless stereo headsets:

  1. In-ear (the shape of headphones resembles droplets);
  2. Vacuum (firmly attached inside the auricle);
  3. Overhead (very comfortable, but have a big size).

In-ear headset is not very suitable for mobile people. Earplugs faintly fixe on the ear and constantly drop out of it. Headphone, loose snuggled to the ear, skip noise from outside. The advantages of device — unpretentiousness in use and compact size. This type of headset is the best choice for long-term use. Be sure your ears will not be tired of loosely seated earpieces.

Vacuum headphones are uncomfortable for long music listening. The device presented with a shape of earplugs and placed directly in the auricle. Be careful you can feel pain in ears after long using of vacuum headphones. At the same time described model of headset provides a better sound palette.

Overhead system fixes on the user`s head with the help of the shackle. The dimensions of the device are big enough (if to compare to previous models). So these headphones are the most comfortable for listening music at home.

how to select best bluetooth headset

What about Technical Characteristics? Specialist’s Recommendations

Quality of headset determined by several parameters: signal quality, connection speed, noise immunity, Bluetooth version, and energy consumption. Specialists recommend buying a headset supported Bluetooth version — not less 2.1. Else, pay attention to the availability of useful functions like:

  • “Headset” — device with this function broadcasts all sounds from the phone (music, SMS, call and so on);
  • “A2DP” — provides high-quality stereo sound. The best choice for music-lovers;
  • “Multipoint” — the most useful function which allows connecting the headset to several devices at the same time. This option is very convenient for people who have, for example, a smartphone and a tablet simultaneously.

Described characteristics of different models will help you to select best Bluetooth headset. Don’t forget to take into account time of battery`s autonomous work and type of interface for charging. It is better when headphones have handy buttons for volume control and noise canceling system. Some models of headset have a microphone mute function.

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How to Choose Bluetooth Headset? Variety of Devices for People with Different Preferences