How to Choose Quality Headphones?

Music is an integral part of the modern world. In the car, metro, in the street and at home, we prefer to listen to music, but not to extraneous noise. However, in order to enjoy the excellent sound of music, you need to know how to choose quality headphones.

There are two kinds of headphones – full-sized headphones and small earphones. The most important difference between these headphones is the size of the aperture, the source of sound. It is generally accepted that the larger the aperture size, the better is the sound they reproduce. However, the larger the aperture, the larger is the size of the headphones.

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The earphones placed in the ear are located inside the ear canal or in the auricle. The best sounding of these earphones is achieved due to the deep placement in the ear canal. Good quality earphones have interchangeable rubber bands of different diameters, made of soft quality material.

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Full-size headphones allow you to achieve the best music sound. However, this does not mean that using any headphones you get excellent quality. In order for the sound to be clean it is necessary to use quality headphones. Such headphones cover the head with a handle from above, the size of which can be adjusted. Full-size headphones are used for quite a long time, so when choosing these headphones, pay attention to their material and the quality. The finishing cups in full-sized headphones are called the ear cups. They are made of different materials – natural leather or artificial, velour, foam rubber.

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Features of Full-Size Headphone Headphones

  1. The design – open and closed. The open headphones let the sound out and let in other sounds. These headphones provide a clean sound, but weakly transmit bass.
    Closed headphones do not let sound out and do not let in sounds from outside. The sound inside such headphones is reflected and becomes booming, but the bass sounds quite strong.
  2. Over-ear and on-ear – on-ear headphones are applied to the ear and a cushion sits on the outer ear, over-ear or full-size headphones cover the ear completely with cushioned ear cups. It is worth noting that in full-sized headphones it can be very hot. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to the material of the ear cups.

Sound Characteristics of Headphones

In order to choose the best headphones, you need to listen to them. However, when choosing it is worth also considering the sound features. Human hearing distinguishes sounds with a frequency of oscillation from 15-20 HZ and up to 18-20 kHz.


The sound pressure (SPL) is measured in dB and is an indication of the volume of the sound source. However, headphones use the dBm index, which is called headphone sensitivity. The greater the number of dBm, the louder the headphones are. That is, the higher the sensitivity of the headphones, the better is the sound they produce.

Frequency Range

Most headphone models have a range of 20-20000 Hz (the frequency range that the human ear can hear). However, in order to determine the sound, it is necessary to know the intensity of sound at different frequencies. Unfortunately, such data manufacturers usually do not specify. That is why it is necessary to listen to different music using the headphones you are going to buy.


Most often good quality headphones have a power of 100-1000 MW. This feature displays the maximum volume of the headphones, which depends on the resistance and efficiency of the speakers. To listen to loud music, 100 MW is enough power.


The volume of the sound being played depends on the resistance. Different headphones have a resistance of 32 to 600 ohms. If you are using a smartphone or mp3 player to listen to music, then you should choose headphones with a resistance of more than 100 ohms to ensure that the sound is not too quiet. This parameter is also important for studio use of headphones when multiple headphones are connected to the same sound source.


The length of the wire is very important. However, along with the length, important is also its strength and durability. Choosing the length of the cord for headphones, you should not choose a long 5-meter cord, but short cords are also not practical. Expensive full-size headphones most often have detachable removable cord, which can be used to replace the old one.


If you use headphones not only to listen to music, but also to communicate by phone or Skype, it is worth choosing models with a built-in microphone. For full-size headphones, it is best to choose models that allow you to detach the microphone if it is not in use.

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How to Choose Quality Headphones?