How to Choose Earbuds Size? Tips for Everyone

You decided to buy earbuds, but don`t sure in what model will fit you properly — is it right? Do you want to find out the secret about how to choose earbuds size? Actually, it is very easy to select perfect one. The variety of devices with modern design astonishes. Choose models guiding by your direct needs. There are different variants of earbuds` constructions for sports or for using device, for example, inside doors.

Criterion of Depth

which size earbuds should i use

There are different points of wives: someone likes earphones, entered deep inside the ear, and others prefer devices which places looser. Some people think that snug earphones provide better sound, another music listeners afraid, that such construction can hurt inside part of auditory organ. So, who is right? Let’s consider the advantages of both designs:

  1. Snug-fitting earbuds. This type of headphones is the best variant for the real music lovers. Device can isolate you from the external world. You will hear only sounds of music, and nothing will interrupt you from this pleasurable occupation. That is the most important benefit of using exactly this variant of headphones. At the same time, you can expose yourself to danger. Don’t wear earbuds too deep inside your ear if you are running along the road, especially with a heavy traffic. 
  2. Loose headphones. This type of device offers maximum safety and physical comfort. That is why experts advise to buy these earbuds for sports and running. You will control the situation around and listen music at the same time. To provide the best level of user`s comfort many companies sell devices with two variants of tips: gel-like and rubber. Tips have different volumes, so everyone can find the right earbud size.

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Headphone Accessories

Do you want get more comfort, using your perfect sized earbuds? Many people face some problems with loosing earphones of the ear during different physical activities. And it doesn’t matter what type of headphones they chose. To solve this problem, manufactures invented special devices:

  1. rubber clip. Adjustment is fixed on the back side of the ear to prevent tips from moving inside the ear.
  2. Over-the-ear cable headphones. Devise have a remarkable sound providing characteristics. The cable fixes behind the top of the ear. Such construction helps to avoid surplus cable`s pressure what leads to earbuds’ dropping out of the ear.

Simple tips will help everyone to make right choice.

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How to Choose Earbuds Size? Tips for Everyone