How to Choose the Color of Running Shoes

Choosing running shoes is a very important event because these shoes should be suitable for you, protect your feet from shock loads and help make running more comfortable, not the last factor is the color of running shoes. After you know what parameters for weight, lift and comfort your sneakers should have, you should decide on the color of your new running shoes. In this publication, you will learn what color is best to choose for certain training sessions or competitions in a marathon or half marathon.

How to choose a color for running shoes

How to Choose a Sneaker Color for Running

Color is not the least important when choosing running shoes, so let’s decide which colors are still appropriate for running shoes. Of course, this does not mean that some colors are worse than others, given the specifics and purpose of running shoes, you can choose the best color for running shoes.

If you go to the store to the stand with running shoes you will see colorful models: yellow, orange, pink, white and green sneakers, in such shoes it is easy to stand out in training or at a race, but what about the practicality of daily Jogging, when it rains, you run on the ground? Let’s find out which colors will be more relevant for different types of running shoes.

If you know running for a long time, then you know that the runner must have running shoes for long runs, daily runs, running shoes for interval segments (speed work) and competitive in which you will run your distance marathon, half marathon, or shorter distances.

Color of running shoes for long run

running shoes for long run

Shoes for long running should be comfortable, with good cushioning and the color is best suited dark or neutral:

  • Blue
  • Gray
  • Black
  • Or colors with dark shades.

This color of running shoes is dictated by the fact that you will run for a long time, and choosing a white or bright color, the shoes will be dirtier and after 5-8 such training, the original color will be lost.

Color of running shoes for speed training or tempo run

shoes for speed training or tempo run

When choosing the color of running shoes for high-speed running, be guided by the fact that these are usually short workouts and they take place on the stadium track or highway. The duration of speed training is not long, as with a long run, so here you can choose:

  • Bright – yellow, green, pink.
  • White, any colors that you like.

This should be your favorite color because high-speed interval segments imply stressful training, and shoes of your favorite color are one of the elements of equipment that will cheer you up in difficult moments.

Color of running shoes for winter

running shoes for winter

In winter, shoes should be practical not only to avoid getting wet from snow or rain, be comfortable and keep your feet warm but also the color of such shoes will be colder, although if you run in the snow, the color may be bright, white or black. Choose the color of your winter running shoes that best suits your outfit or makes it stand out among the white snow.

Color of running shoes for running in summer

shoes for running in summer

Shoes for running in the summer, you are free to choose the color that you like. Probably do not choose black or dark shades of shoes. Choose the color for your running wardrobe:

  • Orange.
  • Yellow.
  • Green.
  • Light blue
  • Bright green

Color of running shoes for Marathon and Half Marathon

Color of running shoes for Marathon

You should choose and test shoes for racing in advance, the colors of significant shoes are always bright since this is a holiday for you and many thousands of people who will also overcome their distance and set personal records and better so that the color of the sneaker is remembered, like the race itself. Bright colors are most suitable:

  • Pink.
  • Orange.
  • Red
  • White
  • Green
  • Purple.

After reading this publication, now you know what color to choose for certain running training or racing. I will be glad if my tips will help someone decide on the color of shoes.

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How to Choose the Color of Running Shoes