How to Choose Earphones for Phones

Do you want to buy earflaps for your smartphone? All types of headphones are divided into several main categories: in-ear and overhead models. Not every device, included in the second category, is suitable for use with mobile. At the same time, models which are connectable with smartphones, as a rule, have good quality characteristics. The opposite situation with earphones. Every device of this category is created for mobile. But simultaneously there are so many low-quality models among the mentioned devices. That is why not everyone will be able to choose the best variant for a gadget. So, how to choose earphones for mobile? Following simple tips will probably help you.

how to choose earphones for mobile

Store Description – Beware of Useless Information

It’s dollars to doughnuts that you, buying headphones in the shop, always look through the short, absolutely incomprehensible to you, characteristics list. Did you know, that almost a half of those characteristics have nothing to do with the sound quality of headphones? Right! There are so many useless words which you don’t need to see at all. Check out the list of needless characteristics of the device:

  1. Frequency range. Yep, so many people think that this parameter of headphones is the most important, but it is not true. Manufactories measure frequency range as they want, without following to the common standards. As a result of producers’ dishonesty and their frivolity, all models of cheap or expensive, professional or every day using headphones can have the same frequency characteristics.
  2. The manufacturer country. The main number of people used to think that China is not the best country for the manufacturing quality electronics. Maybe it is true for some reason. But practice shows that European companies sell more expensive goods which not always correspond to the proper level of quality.

Some companies absolutely gratis sell together with their devices some “pleasant trifles” for consumers. Thereby you can save your extra money and don’t spend it, for example, in the convenient case for transporting the headphones. Else some, manufacturers provide in the set of devices nozzles of various configurations. It will help you to find out the most suitable variants of earplugs exactly for you.

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Don’t limit yourself in choosing a device design, buying black, white or gray colored headphones for mobile. Some portable devices are available in different pallets (the very important option for fashion-mongers).

how to choose headphones for phones

Pay Attention to the Parameters, which Affect the Sound

There are two types of headphones, which you can see in the any electronic shop: open and closed models of the device. Which one is the best? Closed type provides better sound, doesn’t miss extraneous noises in the ear. With this earphones, you can be sure— other people will not hear what exactly you are listening.

The open type has special holes in the body, through which sounds penetrate into the environment and everybody can hear music or words of your subscriber. The advantage of open headphones — more natural sounds. So, if you will talk on the phone or listen to music in the public places — buy a closed type of headphones.

Take into account the level of sensitivity. To explain the nature of this parameter is very difficult. All that you need to know is: the higher sensitivity index — the better volume level your smartphone and headphones will provide. For home use with a smartphone, this indicator should be equated to 90 to 105 dB.

The last aspect which effects on the quality of earphones sound — resistance level. The resistance should be as low as possible. Choose portable models with 10–60 Ohm, and stationary — 100–600 Ohm.

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How to Choose Earphones for Phones