How to Choose Good Bass Headphones?

Everyone who likes to feel excitement vibration in the chest while listening music should buy special headphones. Not every model of this device can satisfy your wishes. So, how to choose good bass headphones? At first, let’s consider what does it mean “bass sounds”.

how to choose good bass headphones

Frequency Range: Determination and the Concept

Manufacturers fanned the real hype around one of the device`s parameters — frequency response. It should be noted that indicators of this characteristics category are not so important to common music lovers. Moreover, you should not overpay for it. Remember, that men are able to hear sounds only in the range from 20 Hz to 20 kHz.

The beginning of mentioned frequency range — low sounds. Exactly this level is responsible for basses. Do you want to listen to music with cool basses? Than choose headphones with appropriate frequency level, it should be as low as possible.

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Frequencies with high rates are responsible for sonant tunes of violin or flute. There are sounds of the average frequency level between too low and too high indicators. It consists of vocals and most of the various musical instruments` sounds. The main aim of any headphones — to reproduce correctly exactly this bulk of sounds, without wheezing, hissing, grinding and so on.

headphones bass

How to Understand the Numerals in the List of Device Characteristics?

Indicators of the frequency range are not the final figures of device abilities. For example, if manufacturer pointed out numbers like 5 Hz – 20000 Hz, don’t think that headphones will not recognize the sounds of lower o higher levels at all. Be sure the device will produce such sounds, but with a smaller volume level.

The statement that expensive headphones will produce busses or sonorous sounds with better qualities is not correct. Even cheap, unpopular devices can have good sounding characteristics.

People who like so-called club headphones with high-quality bass should search in the shop headphones with special remark “Dj”.

Interesting fact — men who like low basses are considered as peculiar low-frequency sound addicts. On some level, that statement is true, because it is very hard to change the listening of ordinary music after heavy basses.

A conclusion from all information above — the wider range of audio frequency the better. Those people who like basses should choose headphones with low-frequency indicators. But be careful high indicators not always means good characteristic. This applies, for example to the measure of headphones` power.

headphones with good bass

Should the Headphones be Powerful?

You already know how to choose headphones with good bass. The verity of this devices is big enough:

  • compact in-ear headphones;
  • vacuum earbuds;
  • big monitor headphones.

But what about the power of device? Do we have to give preference to devices with high power ratings? You should say “No” if you will use the device with smartphone or mp3 player. Otherwise, your gadget all the time will lose a charge very quickly.

Besides, the preferred number of specialists do not confirm the existence of a close relationship between the sound quality and headphone output. Moreover, there are cases when the built-in amplifier simply does not cope with powerful headphones. In such situations listener does not receive anything except loose bass volume distortion above average. Do not infringe on your interests regarding the power of headphones if you pick up the device for home using.

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How to Choose Good Bass Headphones?