How to Choose Headphone Color? Your Character Will Tell You the Answer

Often, people who want to buy headphones search for information about a variety of device models, its technical characteristics and so on. Not everyone thinks at that moment on the color. Anyway, there are some tips about how to choose headphone color.

how to choose the color of headphones

Choose Device in Color for the Situation and Dress-Up

It is easy to imagine that the headphones will be used by you in different situations when you will work, do some sports or just have leisure time. Professional earphones have to be representative, so don’t pick up bright colors for a work, like yellow, orange, or green. For this occasion, the best choice will be black, dark blue or white.

Sports earphones conversely should cheer you up, so give up the dark conservative colors. Pink will match to brown, green and white sportswear. Buy red colored device if you prefer to wear yellow, white, green, blue and black sneakers or sports suit. Green — perfect choice for orange, brown, yellow, white and black things.

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Buying device makes sure, that headphones color will suit your everyday outfit. If you don’t like to spend time thinking about color scheme buy white, black or gray headphones. These colors will suit every dress-up.

the best color for headphones

Every Day New Image but Consistently Excellent Sound Quality

You know, that headphones can have in-ear and overhead (full size) construction. If to speak about the color, the second type of device gives music lovers more freedom. Because there are a lot of models with replaceable ear pads. So, you can buy different colors of the device сcomponent and change the image of headphones every day.

In pursuit of fashionable colors do not forget to pay attention to quality characteristics of the device:

  • volume level has to be not less than 100 dB;
  • index of resistance — around 32 Ohms;
  • frequencies range — 15 Hz – 20 000 Hz.
colorful headphones
Colorful music headphone

Tell me the Color of your Headphones and I will tell who are you!

Interesting fact: some experts can describe your personality and the main features of character just by analyzing your preferable colors. It is believed that people who prefer cold colors (green, blue and its shades) — calm, tender, and on some level apathetic. Those who like warm colors (red, yellow, orange and so on) cheerful, very active and likes authority as a rule.

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How to Choose Headphone Color? Your Character Will Tell You the Answer