How to Choose Headphones for Gaming: Useful Tips for Everyone

Do you like playing computer games and can`t imagine your life without mind-blowing adrenaline of tense shooter? You need to buy cool earphones. Get acquainted with the information below. Simple tips will teach you how to choose headphones for gaming. Experienced gamers advise to pick up only branded devices.

how to choose the right gaming headset
how to choose a good gaming headset

There is the number of famous and in-demand gaming headphones manufactures:

  • Sennheiser;
  • Plantronics;
  • SteelSeries;
  • Logitech;
  • Kingston.

Basic selection criteria of a good gaming headset: the price, construction, technical characteristics, features of a microphone.

Cheap Means Bad-Quality. Proper Price for Gaming Device Starts from 60$

Cheap headphones may fail just after the month of active use. It will almost never happen with expensive one. The average price category device will immerse you in unforgettable emotions and present realistic sensations during the game. You will be like not in a virtual but in a real world.

headphones for gaming
most comfortable headphones for gaming

Still, think that a cheaper headset will satisfy your needs? Then read the following information — bad features of inexpensive earphones:

  • substandard sounds (your ears will tire quickly from the extraneous noise of low-quality sounds);
  • uncomfortable construction, which does not adjust the parameters of your head;
  • awful detailing.

Do not spare money. The high-quality device will prevent you from the troubles coerced above and save your financial resources (you will not need to buy another cheap earphone when the first will be broken). There are many manufacturers who provide a 36-month product warranty.

Also, you might be interested in publishing about what is noise canceling headphones. Make the right choice.

Gaming Headset: Types of Devices and Technical Characteristics

The main number of gamers prefers two types of a gaming headset:

  • earbud (vacuum);
  • full-size (monitor).

Specialists recommend choosing the second one because the game may take a few hours and earbuds will bring discomfort to your ears. Give preference to a device with a dual headband design (metal stripe and soft lining). Only this construction will provide a tight fit of the device cups to your head.

what are the best headphones for gaming
headphones for gaming pc

Pay attention to the type of embouchure. The best variant is foamy ear cups with a so-called function of memorization. Such cups made of breathable material, so your ears will not heat up. The right gaming headset will increase the time of comfortable play.

Required Components of the Headset

Chose earphones with a system of active noise canceling and high sensitivity. In this way, companions in the game will be able to hear even your whisper. Buying gaming headphones, give preference to models with:

  • surround sound technology;
  • the impedance of the output earphone — 32 Ohm;
  • removable cable with a long length (not less than 2 metros). In this case, you will be able to adjust headphone length according to the situation. Don`t buy earphones made by wireless technology.
  • These devices are characterized by low autonomy and substandard sound with noise;
  • USB connection type;
  • buttons and runners located on the wire (their ease tuning will save your time during the game);
  • durable and lasting metallic construction.

All enumerated parameters are needed to guarantee best quality sounds of headphones and comfortable use of the device.

Conclusion and the Most Important Advice

good eadphones for gaming
how to choose the right gaming headset

Remember — there are two types of people:

  1. Music lovers with a wide frequency range.
  2. Men with average statistical capabilities of sound perception.

For one type particular device will be suitable and for another not. That is why experts don`t advice to follow someone’s recommendations (like on the forums) and buy headphones without pre-listening.

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How to Choose Headphones for Gaming: Useful Tips for Everyone