How to Choose Headphones for Training

Did you know? American scientists conducted an independent study, dedicated to the influence of music on the human body. It turns out that listening music during training increases endurance by as much as 15%! So, let`s take an mp3 player with us to the training! Proceeding from this, appears the following question: how to choose running headphones?

how to choose headphones for running

What Construction is Better to Choose?

You would better forget about standard cheap earphones, at least for the duration of training. Otherwise, earpieces always will drop out of your ears, long wires will mix up and hinders the movements. During the running or doing some physical exercises exterior noises will hamper you listening motivating tracks. You can avoid all these inconveniences. Manufactures presented individual headphone collections created especially for doing sports. Among them are assembled following devices:

  • with or without the wires;
  • in-ear and overhead shaped;
  • with complete or partial noise insulation.

Certainly, wireless models of headphones are better. Sounds can transmit to the headphones by the Bluetooth, Radio or infrared channel. Radio type is able to receive signals at the large distances. At the same time, the radio signal is very sensitive to interferences and interruptions.

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The signal through the infrared port can be transmitted at a distance in the 10 meters maximum, but the quality of a provided signal is good. Bluetooth headphones have nice sound characteristics and massive power block which interferes with running.

Don`t pick up overhead models of the device if you lead an active lifestyle. Big ear cups and arch — variant for home using. About headphones features of noise isolation, you will learn a little later. Now even more useful tips for choosing sports earflaps.

choose workout headphones

You Have to Know! The Main Aspects of Choosing Workout Headphones

Get acquainted with two main aspects, which you must not forget during the selection headphones for sports:

  1. Water resistance. Don’t think that this parameter can be applied only to swimmers or something like that. Sweat — it is moisture, and not every model of earphones has protection from its penetration. So consult the shop assistant before buying the device or find out information about water resistance option in the headphones characteristics list. Else pay attention to the presence of an antibacterial coating in the device advantages roster — very useful option!
  2. Presence of special ear loop. With this convenient detail, your earpieces will always be in the right position and will not flow out of the ears.

Don`t forget about the design of the device. There are so many color and form variations, that you shouldn’t neglect this parameter.

running headphones

Headphones for Gym and Running — What is the Difference Between it?

Doing some exercises in the gym, you should abstract from extraneous noises. The favorite music treks and headphones with NCS will help you with it. NCS — noise canceling system, which isolates your ears from different sounds, voices and so on. Choose earphones with the convenient rotatable nozzle. This device will provide a deep fit of the earpiece, adjusting to the structure of the ear.

During the running or biking, you have to be aware what happens to you. That is why NCS headphones — is not the best choice for these types of activities. Pick up the device with partial noise insulation. With these headphones for running, you will be hearing external sounds and favorite music at the same time.

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How to Choose Headphones for Training