Privacy Policy

Do you have any questions about the Privacy Policy of our website? Then pass to the “Contact page” and send to us your thoughts. We will give you the answer in the near time. Consultations are free.

General information about the Privacy Policy of our recourse

Visitors of can be sure that their personal information will be staying non-disclosure. Clients` confidentiality is a very important aspect of our daily work on the well-being of the website. After the leaving of any web-site you drop there much information about yourself, you even don`t know how much. Our resource is not an exception, so get acquainted with the types of data left buy you on

We can tell much information about you according to Log Files

Almost every internet-site has the deal with log files, as do. What is this it? Log files of users include their:

  • IP;
  • browser used for visiting our site;
  • technical data about internet provider website;
  • time frames of entering to the resource;
  • viewed pages;
  • clicks (more precisely it`s number).

All this information is very useful for site administrators. With the help of above data, specialists can track visitor`s actions within the site. These actions are very important for us. It helps to identify unscrupulous users who want to harm our website. At the same time, you can be sure — all log data is not enough for person`s identification.

Cookies and Web Beacons — make services better

We have to know and analyze the information about your preferences. That is why uses cookies (fragments of certain information). We collect information about the pages which you visit. After that specialists make everything to adapt the website pages and another type of information for your type of browser.

For what do we need DoubleClick DART Cookie?

Fragments of data, mentioned above, are need not only to but also to Google. The website uses it for serving to you the different ads. The same situation with the DART. Search system collect data about people`s activity not only on the but on the global network in general.
If you don`t want Google to use your information, provided by DART cookie just visit this page:

All the above services use special technology which helps to post on the different advertising information and links, which further displays in your browser by receiving your ID. But it is not the only way for personalization of sell content for you. Our partners can use other ways to Interact with you (like JavaScript and not only that).

With all this don’t interrupt in the fragments of content which used by the advertising companies.

You don’t want to have a deal with mentioned organizations? If your answer is positive – consult privacy policies of companies, which display adds on our site. don`t have the power to control third-party resources.

All that you can do without the help of any sites — is to open the settings of your browser. There you will find an option of disconnection the translation of cookies. If you have any troubles with it just visit your browser respective resources and get the necessary information.