How to Choose Professional Headphones for Studio

Usually, buyers who look for a professional headphone are DJ or sound specialists who work in a studio. But it does not mean that mentioned people need the same models of the device. There are a lot of differences between equipment for noisy clubs and isolated from outside noise recording studios. Do you interesting in a question: how to choose professional headphones? The next information is for you.

How to Choose Professional Headphones

Choose the Right Device: Main Features of DJ Headphones

All advanced users know that there are two main types of earphones constructions: open and closed-models. Openly designed earplugs provide free air circulation inside the cups. It means that earflaps are very comfortable and provide high as possible sound quality. But with the air in cups penetrate noise and other disturbing sounds.

Dj works in clubs where a lot of people, loud voices and much noise provided by non-stop music. That is why open headphones are not the best choice. This type of device is a great variant for work in a studio and listening to music. Closed headphones perfectly resist external sound pressure and allowing the patron saint of club music to completely concentrate on his work.

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Pay Attention to the Wires and Plugs

The connecting wire DJ headphones should not be too long. DJ seldom goes far from his workplace, consequently, the too long wire will be constantly tangle. Don’t buy straight wire, it will be better to give preference to twisted (spiral) type. The second variant does not cling to everything and doesn’t burst from the headphones in the occasion. Buying device chooses that set where present interchangeable cables. The wire – is the first thing which comes to naught in the headphones construction.

All professional earphones, for a studio or a club, must be equipped with “jack” type of plug-in-plug or TRS Phone Jack with a plug in 6.25 mm. Be careful, because the main number of household headphones has the same plug but smaller in size — 3,5 mm. Buying the last variant of plug be sure that your next purchase will be the adapter for 6.25 mm connector. Because you will not be able to connect your ‘ears” at professional mixer or sound interface without the adaptor.

Often DJ move one earphone from the ear to hear the sound of the music being reproduced in the club. Based on this, headphones should be equipped with cups fixed on the special swivel joints.

Choose Models for a Long-Term Usage

Not every headphone model can be repaid. So choice maintainable one, because DJ`s life is not in place. Headphones will travel with you in bags and suitcases, so it is no wonder that device will break periodically.  You should always have with you spare:

  • wires;
  • ear cups;
  • headband elements;
  • sometimes cups.

Otherwise, it will be difficult to buy hastily broken detail in a local shop.

professional studio headphones

Headphones for Professional or Home Sound Recording Studio

All above information refers to good studio headphones else. The professional device should provide almost undistorted and unpainted sound. The quality of “ears” depends on device frequency range — the higher index of this criteria, the better.

Another important parameter —distortion level (THD). This index should be as low as possible. Headphones must be loud. This characteristic correlated with peculiarities of sensitivity and resistance. The lower resistance marks the louder will be your headphones sound in conditions of the low signal level.

Professionals use earphones with high resistance and special amplifier. It is better when frequency range of device equated to 20 Hz to 20,000 Hz.

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How to Choose Professional Headphones for Studio