Terms of Services

Our company — is respectful organization, which cares about both: image and safety. That is why we developed a set of certain rules and lows for every user of our resource. Let’s consider the main ones.

The main terms and conditions of using resource

If you do something directly related to our site, you automatically agree to follow any regulations of this source. You may be disagreeing with our politic. In this case you shouldn’t use the website.

Don`t apply the material displayed on the site in own commercial purposes. All information protected by law.

Don’t make money on our work unlawfully, use License

The special kind of license allows you to temporarily download from the how-to-choose.net only one copy of any materials (like article with useful information or software). But that data should be used only by you in non-commercial purposes and in a limited time frame. As we said, in some terms this permission can be regarded as grant of license. But don’t think that it is the transfer of ownership. You still are not allowed to:

  • convert any our data or just copy it;
  • use any article, images or another site material in privet correspondence with someone;
  • make money on our work or even display our materials on the third-party resources (it is doesn’t
  • matter for what exactly user decided to do it);
  • try to stop work of service, damaging our software and some technical components of how-to-choose.net;
  • withdraw any parts of information from the site`s materials.

Please, don`t forget about mentioned rules. Because if you don`t follow the mandatory conditions for cooperation with how-to-choose.net you will be unable to use web-resource anymore.

Another important aspect: you must delete all browsed information when you already familiarized with it or your use silence limit is over. And it doesn`t matter in what format it was saving by you (in electronic or in paper).

A disclaimer: responsibility for filling the site is limited

All data displayed on how-to-choose.net is something finalized product and we don’t give to you any guarantees affiliated to its quality or utility for you. It may be useless for your business. Or, perhaps, it will violate someone’s rights — in any case that trouble will be not in the jurisdiction of how-to-choose.net.

how-to-choose.net has no response for the accuracy of the data displayed on the site. Our command has nothing to do with likely results from using submitted resource. Authenticity of the information presented on the website is also is not our spectrum of liability. The same we can say about the data provided by sites related to presented one.

We have limitations on damage

Under no circumstances how-to-choose.net or company`s partners are responsible for different kinds of harms like:

  • loss of any data which is important for user or his financial earnings;
  • partial or total devastation (or another setbacks) of company client’s business.

Our company is not in charge to indemnify, even if the harm, mentioned above, happened because of defects in the functioning of how-to-choose.net.  Doesn`t think that htoc.net must compensate you for loss if you notified representative of our company about the possible occurrence of wastes.  But in some cases, limitations may have no deal with you.

We have right on revisions and not only that

You would better be aware that some how-to-choose.net information and materials can include different types of errors. You may find technical malfunction in the source, a misprint in the text, orographic or photographic mistakes. Because of that htoc.net may do anything with indicated faults, for example to correct mistakes and get rid of errors without any warnings.

At the same time how-to-choose.net don’t have to update its content regularly. So don’t be surprised when will see obsolete information (or something like that) on the resource.

Links: we can only prevent you from fault, but don`t responsible for it

how-to-choose.net don’t have to monitor a huge number of sites, which are related to our topics. It is likely that you may meet articles, software and other information which will be similar to data on our site.

Even if you will find some link leading to another resource, be aware that how-to-choose.net has not to be responsible for everything what can happen on that webpage. You may trust to another organization, but remember, that it will be only in your own responsibility.

If you read it, you already obey our rules

All described rules and warnings can be changed by moderators of how-to-choose.net at absolutely unpredictable time. Pay attention — we don’t have to warn you about any innovations. Now, when you are reading this set of rules or do something also on our site remember — you except the fact that you will obey the terms of cooperation with us, which are mentioned above.

Everything is in the power of Governing Law

Do you have any remarks and complaints about the work of how-to-choose.net? All kinds of claims should be considered under the prism of the State of how-to-choose.net. With all this, conflict of law provisions must not be regarded.