How to Choose a Type of Bike

The bike gives you an incomparable freedom, and everyone uses it at their own discretion, so how to choose a type of bike is an extensive topic. What you prefer – ride around the city, conquer forest paths or steps of the nearest supermarket?

If you are a beginner and are going to buy a bicycle – be patient, so as not to spend money on the wind. What your style of riding – a city or impassability of roads? Budget – usually the more, the better, as you know. And your height and weight – this determines the size of the bike.

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So let’s see how to choose a bike and examples for extreme rides and road hills.

Mountain Bike

Perhaps, this is the most popular type now. Although it is created for the mountainous area, it will also be ideal for any off-road and places that at first sight are impossible to travel. Since the bike is equipped with powerful tires and a clear control system. Suitable more for extremals and lovers of long trips outside the city, as well as participants in various competitions. Before assembling, you need to specify the type of the road, since there is a difference, whether you will drive with small obstacles or large ones. This type is characterized by a massive frame, an amortization fork, wide tires, toothy protector, many gears, and rims with disc brakes to choose from.


Such an unusual name this type of bike was not for nothing. It is created to catch up on any road, especially off-road. Externally very similar to the road type, but the characteristics are still different. It is impossible not to mention the cantilever brakes and a special landing. You can install the wings or trunk as desired. Also, these bikes are famous for their super lightness, which allows you to carry them with you on hand or on your shoulder.

You have to pay attention to how to choose a bike style too, especially if you are a city dweller and prefer calm rides on the fashionable bicycle.

Urban Bike

This type is often chosen because of comfort. It is made especially for any weather and any clothes. Everything indicates a slow and practical. Suitable for those who live in the city and does not want to suffer in urban transport, as well as those who enjoy quiet bike tours. Its main features are a comfortable saddle and a high steering wheel, an imitation of sitting on a chair. A characteristic difference is the low position or absence of the frame tube since in everyday life it often only hinders. Also, these bikes have a trunk, bell, and wings, the chain is always in the casing. Brakes – legless drum, transmission – without a speed switch.

Cruiser Bike

For fans of classics and just quiet country trips, this type of transport is suitable. Similar to the urban, the cruiser still has differences in the form of a basket (an echo of the past) in the front and trunk, the presence of the whole wide: necessarily leather saddles, wings, and rudders, as well as the presence of a step and a small number of gears.

It’s necessary to know how to choose a bicycle when you are a sportsman or you just have a speed in the blood. Here some kinds for real racers.

Road Bike

This mode of transport is different for varied kinds of races. Suitable as for riders themselves, as for just fans to drive. These bicycles are mostly driven at medium speed, they are aerodynamic at the highest level. They are not designed for serious obstacles, the road must be level. For a high-speed walk on the highway just right. This type is distinguished by narrow tires, a rudder-ram and always has a lightweight.

Track Bike

This bike belongs to a special category. It is designed for track racing and therefore differs significantly from other types. The most important difference is the absence of brakes and transmission. The whole thing is that the wheels are connected directly to the pedals, so there is no freewheel. The only thing that connects it with other controversial bicycles is the lightness and low steering wheel-ram, which contributes to the sporting landing.

How to choose a bicycle depending on from what you do – see the types, done exactly for your action.

Touring Bike

This type is very appreciated by tourists and just people who need to often carry a small load. Externally, they are similar to road bike, they also want to go on a flat path, but there are a couple of differences, such as the presence of two trunks in front and behind, strong wheels, dirt protection, powerful lighting and off-road transmission.

BMX Bike

This bike is special. Appeared as a separate species for children, future sportsmen. And over time it became so popular that now it is not only a favorite bike for tricks for young people but also a good way for extreme for adults. The difference can be seen in the absence of the suspension, a very strong frame, only one high-speed transmission, very high load holding and the work of brakes – the ropes are made so that they do not get confused when the man do jumping or performing some trick.

Electric Bike

If this species is similar to a hybrid of mountain and road bicycles, then by characteristics it differs significantly from all. It has an electric motor, a controller, and a battery. Moves by pedaling, which at least reminds us that we are dealing with a bicycle. The operation is often more difficult than with other types. However, it is absolutely for everyone with a different purpose of preparation, everywhere and at different distances. By the way, despite the presence of an engine, which presents such a bike to the motorcycle level, you don’t have to have any license to drive it.

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How to Choose a Type of Bike