How to Choose the Watch for Swimming: Useful Tips

Smart watch for swimming is not just a gadget that allows you to detect the time required to overcome the distance. This device helps to conduct a comprehensive training and to provide its owner a range the different data. Fans can be quite simple information: speed at a certain distance, pulse etc.

For professional athletes it is important to follow many different indicators: the time spent at the poolside, the average swimming time in pool, indicators of body’s changes, clear statistics of the training effectiveness and the number of hands strokes during swimming. Such watches can become as small pocket coach what will help to maintain high-quality and accurate statistics.

What is the Difference Between Pool and Open Water Watch?

waterproof watch for swimming
smart watch for swimming

Watches designed for swimming in the pool have great functionality that allows you to carefully analyze the training. These watches are characterized by the following features:

  1. Push sensor from the poolside.
  2. Counting strokes during swimming as well as their frequency.
  3. Manual input of the race length.
  4. The pace and speed of swimming.
  5. Measurement of the swimmer’s pulse and heartbeat.

Waterproof watch for swimming in open water (sea, river, lake and other water) are not equipped with a push sensor from the poolside. They have GPS, which represent the location of the swimmer and put it mark on the map. Swim watch for open water helps to analyze the swimming speed at the certain distance. Also there is no manual input function in such watch. Amateurs and professional athletes can use this type of watches.

How to Understand that the Watch is Designed for Swimming?

It is easy to confuse a simple waterproof watch with gadgets that are designed specifically for swimming training. There are several criteria for swimming watches:

  1. The smart watch for swimming must have a large round or square display to make it easier to track data statistics.
  2. There should be a strong rubberized strap. It securely fixes the watch on the hand and does not allow them to slip during training.
  3. Heart rate sensors must be installed on the back side of the watch for swimming with heart rate monitor. All models collect pulse data of the swimmer.
  4. The level of water resistance. It is abbreviated as IPX. If the abbreviation contains 0, the watch is definitely not suitable for you. It is the best to give preference to watches with IPX8 and IPX9 marks. They are resistant to a greater depth immersion and can be under water for a long time.
  5. The control buttons should be bright and large and located on the display sides. They should be pressed well to make easier the gadget control.

The most important thing to look at when you are buying watch is the level of water resistance and the presence of the necessary sensors.

best watch for swimming

What is the Best Watch for Swimming?

The watches for swimming in the pool is not just a stopwatch, but it is a full-fledged tool for monitoring activity during training. The gadget should collect the following information:

  1. The distance and the number of overcoming pool length. There are two parameters are closely related on swim watch that counts laps. For example, you need to swim 1 kilometer, and the pool which is 50 meters long. In this case, you need to set the length of the pool, and then you can multiply the number of pools by 50 meters at the end of the training. It is important to note that many gadgets begin to consider the next pool only after a push from the poolside, so you need to be careful.
  2. Swimming speed and time. The watch for swimming training s able to calculate the speed and time of your swimming.
  3. Number and frequency of strokes during swimming. A sensor calculated the strokes of the hands, so it can show data about strokes you make at a present distance. That is why it is important that the swim watch with heart rate monitor should have a quality sensor.
  4. Measurement of the heart rate and heartbeat. Pulse is measured by all watches, as this is an important point for the analysis of the effectiveness of training. Heartbeat can be measured by watch, if it is completed with a special transmitter, which would gather information.
  5. Calorie consumption. Based on the swimming speed and distance the watch will be able to calculate how many calories were spent in one pool or for the entire training distance.

sport tracker for swimming

What is the Difference Between Watches for Professionals and Amateurs?

For professional athletes it is important that the watch provide accurate statistics with minimal errors. They are often used models with breast sensors. Also it is important to have a sensor of shocks and strokes, so watch does not stray in the calculation of distance and speed. For ordinary amateurs it is important to take into account the speed and distance. Many of the fans do not consider swimming pools and strokes. They do not need it for high-quality statistics of training.

The gadget for swimming also can be synchronized with your smartphone and download information in a special application. This allows you to create more complete statistics and save more data. Also their performance can be done with colleagues and compare the successes of each of them.

Some Examples of Swimming Watches

Examples of Swimming Watches
speedo watch for swimming The company Speedo specializes on accessories and gadgets for diving. Watches from this manufacturer are suitable for both amateurs and professionals, as they collect a full range of data about the training.
garmin watch for swimming Garmin specializes on the watches for different sports. The Name of gadget for swimming is Garmin Swim. This is a convenient and high-quality model that allows you to create a detailed training schedule.
polmate watch for swimming The company Swimovate specializes on the gadgets for swimming. Their watches and fitness trackers for swimming have functions only for swimmers. Devices help to recognize sports swimming, gather complete workout information and are suitable for professionals. PoolMate produces watches that are perfect for professionals, as they collect all possible information. Some models of gadgets have a chest sensor.
suunto watch for swimming Suunto produces multifunctional gadgets that are suitable not only for swimming. Those can be used both in the pool and in the open water. They are not very suitable for professionals: do not collect the full range of swimming training data.
swimsense watch for swimming Swimsense Live produces fitness tracker for swimming, which is suitable for coaches and novice athletes.
swimmo watch for swimming Swimmo produces watches especially for swimmers. The gadget can make motivating graphics, has high-quality motion sensors and little numbers data errors. It is synced with android-based gadgets, and is great for professionals.
polar watch for swimming Polar makes watches that can be used on the big depths. They are the most suitable for those who like to dive.
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How to Choose the Watch for Swimming: Useful Tips