How to Choose Wheels for a Skateboard

One of the first questions for beginners who build their own skate is how to choose wheels for a skateboard, so that the speed is good and the tricks turn out? What should you pay attention to when choosing between a huge selection of brands, and choose exactly what you need?

There are two key parameters that affect the ride quality and riding style in General: the stiffness of the wheels and their diameter.

wheels on skateboard

What is the softness of the wheels for you?

Soft wheels are always marked on the wheel (sometimes only on the packaging).

Soft wheels

  • Soft wheels are great for riding outside of skateparks with their smooth surfaces.
  • Soft wheels perfectly cope with small bumps and obstacles, dampen strong vibrations. However, soft wheels can deform under pressure, and they wear off faster.

Hard wheels

  • Hard wheels roll faster on smooth surfaces, but on rough and uneven tracks cause strong vibration, which reduces the speed and makes riding not very comfortable.

Street riders choose hard wheels. For most tricks, they are better suited than soft ones: due to their smaller size, better maneuverability, the ability to do flips, and so on.

Wheels on skateboard
Wheels Stiffness The purpose of the wheels
Soft 75A – 87A These wheels are placed on boards when you plan to ride them on imperfect rough surfaces, for drifting and cruising.
  88A – 95A These wheels are suitable for smoother surfaces such as new pavement or smooth concrete.
  96A – 99A Wheels for a smooth surface. These wheels are worth choosing if you prefer: smooth surfaces like in skate parks, ramps, and pools.
Hard 100A + Pro wheels. Very hard and fast wheels. Not suitable for rough surfaces and tiles. Such wheels are not recommended for beginners, because they quickly develop speed on a smooth surface.

What wheel diameter is suitable for you?

The most common wheel diameter: from 51 mm to 56 mm. If you need speed, take a large diameter. You need a quick start from the spot, then take a small diameter.

wheels skateboard size

Now you know how to choose the right wheels. You can buy skate wheels at any local skate shop and the brand is not particularly important, especially if you are just starting to ride.

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How to Choose Wheels for a Skateboard