How to Choose Wireless Headphones? Main Characteristics for Each Type of Device

Headphones without long constantly tangled wires — the best choice for those personalities, who appreciate freedom of movement. Some inexperienced people claim that wireless devices are less qualitative than their wired counterparts. Any expert will tell you: If you choose the right model you will understand — skeptics are wrong. So how to choose wireless headphones? Carefully read the information about the variety of devices and their main characteristics. After that, you will understand what exactly you need.

how to choose a wireless headphones

Wireless Headphones Have Three Types of Connection: Which One is for You?

Information feds into the headphones without wires through one of three data channels:

  1. Radio;
  2. Bluetooth;
  3. The infrared system of communication.

Radio headphones — the most long-range device among the setups with built-in systems represented above. It can be used in the longest distance from the transmitter — up to 100 m (it depends on the model of headphones).

Remember — declared range is relevant only on the open space and with the palpable deterioration of communication. But a described type of headphones will be a perfect choice, for example, in a two-room apartment. Besides the quality of signal doesn’t depend on visible obstacles like walls and partitions in the apartment. The clarity of data transfer subjects to the influence of interference created by various household appliances.

Bluetooth headphones characterized by the average measure of action radius — 10 meters.  But at the same time capacity of device function is not subservient to obstacles and radio interference.

Next advantage of the device — compatibility with different applications:

  • a personal computer;
  • an audio player;
  • a tablet;
  • smartphone.

IR headphones like the previous variant are not subject to barriers and electromagnetic radiation. The weak side of the device — it always should be in sight line with the transmitter. This type of headphones is the cheapest among wireless.

how to choose the best wireless headphones

Headphones and Microphone: Save Money and Buy Two Devices in One!

Wireless headphones can be equipped with a microphone, such combined device called — headset. Such an example of advanced technology is the best choice for those who often carries audio and video calls, playing computer games, want to use headphones for telephone calls and so on.

But don`t hurry to buy a wireless headset, because of it inferiors to the quality of headphones sound. At first, you should just decide for yourself what is preferable for you: the richness of the sound palette or voice communication.

Construction`s Features of Wireless Device

In almost any specialized shop you can buy the best wireless headphones of different constructions:

  • loose leaves;
  • overhead;
  • full-size;
  • wireless earbuds (vacuum).

By and large, the quality characteristics of device don`t depend on its construction.

best wireless headphones

Two More Advice for Every Buyer: Accumulator Aspect

Buying modern headphones pay attention to a couple main aspects:

  • weight;
  • type and capacity of batteries.

The too much heavy earphones will be unsuitable for a long using intervals. Learn the simple rule: the less weight – the better. But consider that wireless headphones always heavier than traditional, because it works on built-in or removable battery. The acceptable average weight of the device — 280–300 gram.

The most suitable variant of accumulator — removable. You can replace lost capacity battery at any time. But if you prefer built-in type, then pay attention to Its capacity and charge time. Some models characterized by long recharge time (standard 8–12 hours).

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How to Choose Wireless Headphones? Main Characteristics for Each Type of Device